2011 Worldmark

After some toing and froing (and more importantly research!) I decided I wanted a Worldmark contract. Resale (used).  Ebay!

I ended up with two Worldmark contracts – purchased from ebay a month apart.

03/19/2011 6000 annual point contract  (aug anniversary) for $2700 (2550+150)  came with points from previous year 6K

TimeshareAngels2004 (ebay seller id) Timeshare Closings Online Inc (Closer)

and another;

03/30/2011 6000 annual point contract (sept anniversary) for $2028 (1161+399+150+318l) came with points from previous year 12K

cybernaut303 (ebay seller id) Timeshare Closings Inc (Closer)

eventually after owning them about two months i decided they needed to be reconfigured into a 7000 annual and a 5000 annual contract – this is more cost effective for Maintenance Fees

I love having two contracts!

List of Resorts:

CANADA:Whistler, Victoria and Vancouver, Canmore (AB)

ARIZONA:Pine Top, Rancho Vistoso (Tucson), Bison Ranch, Pheonix (2012)

CALIFORNIA:Clear Lake, Lake Tahoe, Angels Camp, Bass Lake, Monterey Bay, Pismo Beach, Big Bear, Palm Springs, Oceanside, Anaheim, Dolphins Cove,  Beach, San Francisco

COLORADO:Estes Park, Steamboat Springs

FLORIDA: Daytona, Orlando

IDAHO:McCall, Sun Valley




NEVADA: WorldMark Las Vegas, Spencer Street, Tropicana


OREGON:Glen Eden, Depoe Bay, Newport, Eagle Crest, Running Y.

UTAH:Bear Lake, Wolf Creek.

WASHINGTON:Birch Bay, Seattle, Discovery Bay, Ocean Shores,  Lake Chelan, Levenworth, Long Beach, Surfside, Mariner Village

MEXICO:Cabo San Lucas, La Paloma (Rosarita)

HAWAII:Maui, Big Island, Kauai


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