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2011 Oct Grandview Las Vegas, NV 1 Bedroom

Grandview Las Vegas (Las Vegas, NV) – RCI Getaway – $199 for a week in a 1 bedroom unit (off strip) Participants (me, Bill) Comments: Liked being off strip. Great unit – very nice, 1 bedroom, huge soaker tub, big bathroom, good kitchen.  two pools, hot tub.  We only needed five of the seven nights […]

2011-Oct VI Vancouver, BC 2 Bedroom

Vi Rosedale on Robson, Vancouver, BC  2 Bedrooms.  Points. Participants (me) Comments: VI had recently taken over the units so I took that into account – it needed updating! both bedrooms had windows, living room and kitchen did not.  Parking was not free – $18 for night.