2013 Feb Marriott Canyon Villas, Pheonix, AZ

Picked up (hopefully) a “free” timeshare if all goes well.  Not that a timeshare is free because of the regular maintenance but it’s always a good thing when you don’t have to fork over a chunk of cash at the get go – imo.

Wanted a Marriott because we wanted a Marriott 🙂 and also if we exchange Marriott Preference does not hurt your chances……. heresay – we’ll see if that pans out.


We are almost (for sure once we receive the deed :)) “owners” of:

2 Bedroom Every Other Year (EOY) Even, Marriott Canyon Villas, Pheonix, AZ Gold Season…..  weeks 18 to 40 in the timeshare calendar.

Rumour has it that even though we do not “own” a two bedroom lockoff unit that we may be able to “lock it off” anyway.  Meaning you break your 2 bedroom into a 1 bedroom and a studio into two separate weeks if you want.  Since the thought of a unit less than two bedrooms seems to horrify Bill not sure we will be trying to do that!  Somebody is spoiled.

We might regret the gold season but hey! it was free 🙂   Platinum would have been much better but that would be $$$$.  If we don’t like it we’ll “give it away”.

Cost: $121.00

Maintenance is $490 per year.

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