2013 Feb Wading into exchange world with an actual exchange deposit!

Well, we’ve owned timeshares for a couple of years almost.  Been members of II (Interval) and RCI for almost as long.  Mainly I’ve used them for the extra vacations, getaways, haven’t actually deposited any weeks.  We were happy with the RCI special we did for a week at Grandview Las Vegas for 199.00 – thanks RCI 🙂  My parents got a week at Summit Watch in Sedona for 300.00 or so – not too shabby.

Currently I have a “request first” exchange in II for Maui or Kauai Feb 2015 Westin, Marriott etc….  – exchanging future worldmark points if that happens and a RCI “ongoing search” for Disney’s The Villas at Grand Californian Hotel and Spa (#DV10) for various dates in 2014 using future Worldmark Points – it’s a case of getting in line apparently and having some serious luck.

Just for fun – it’s boring waiting for exchanges to match – I started looking into SFX, I also like the free 90 day membership you get at the get go while you’re checking them out.  You need a SFX membership to take advantage of the sell-off list.  They sent me a “new member” offer – deposit a week in prime time from resorts in certain locations and you get the following:

  • $500 sfx cash
  • 5 bonus weeks
  • exchange week good for two weeks

So, I booked a week in Whistler, Clock Tower using my Vacation Internationale Points, August 2013 and deposited it – I have now received my sfx cash (to use on future bookings expires 2015) and my 5 bonus weeks (expires 2014) – there’s a fairly good chance I won’t be able to use the bonus weeks since we’re actually trying to lay low this year for travelling 😦 they are not free, they just give you the opportunity to book weeks at the bonus week price.)

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