This is a record of our timeshare journey – where we got them, how we got them, how we use them – along with pics and reviews of places that we’ve stayed in various locations.  Prior to our obsession with Hawaii (and then timesharing) we did almost yearly Vegas, then moved on to Cruises.

After filling in the last couple of years in the timesharing history I’ve come to the conclusion that we use them a lot!  We’re filling in the info as we get time, along with pics of the resorts as we find them.  The link to the resort’s pictures is usually found by clicking the link that is the resort name within the blog.

We recently stayed at a BW 2 Queen Bed hotel room (Jan 2013) Our 3 year old’s amusing Quote Jan 2013 “I don’t like this place – it doesn’t have a kitchen!”   

Before the Hawaii and timesharing years our travel history went something like:

Coastal (Golden Princess) May 2010

**Baby Break**

Southern Caribbean (Carnival Victory) Nov 2008  San Juan Puerto Rico, Antigua……..

Nowhere (Norwegian Sun) May 2008

Pacific Northwest (Celebrity Mercury) Oct 2007

Western Caribbean (Grand Princess) 2006 Galveston, Costa Maya, Cozumel, Playa Del Carmen

Coastal + Vegas (Coral Princess)  Sept 2005

Vegas April 2003 and probably almost annually prior to that for a whole bunch of years……


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