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2012 Nov Timeshare Presentation Cabo Golf Resort

Got roped into a timeshare presentation by one of the guys on the main road coming out of Club Cascadas De Baja. Agreed to attend on our second day there…. why ? who knows – checked out the resort, had breakfast…… liked their program but alas too $$$$$$$. We didn’t cave and we got out […]

2011 Feb Diamond Resorts Timeshare Presentation


2011 Feb Hawaii, Maui, Kaanapali where the timeshare bug – bit!

Ka’anapaali Beach Hotel Booked a week at Ka’anapali Beach Hotel in Lahaina, Maui…. Garden View. Well, we got there, the place was a little outdated, definitely has a Hawaiian feel. ¬†You could literally walk out onto the beach from your building (in hindsight handy) The bed was hard as a rock! While Bill was diving […]